Management of a complex Endo:Perio lesion with hemisection [Dr. VJ]

  Hemisection refers to the removal or separation of root […]

Management of External Cervical Invasive Resorption [Dr. VJ]

External Cervical Invasive Resorption (ECIR)  (alternatively described as “Invasive Cervical […]

Management of complicated crown fracture with pulpotomy and fragment reattachment [Dr. VJ]

 A 9 year-old patient was referred for endodontic management of […]

Variations in root canal anatomy (Part 2) – Mandibular 2nd Molar [Dr. MY]

I looked at maxillary 1st premolars in part 1 of […]

Variations in root canal anatomy (Part 1) – Maxillary 1st Premolar [Dr. MY]

As clinicians, we must be aware of the variations that […]