40th Birthday Appeal

WE DID IT. We had a massive fundraising goal of $50,000, and we are beyond thrilled that we have hit it! An enormous THANK YOU to all of our incredibly generous donors and everyone who helped spread the word – your support has helped us reach our biggest ever fundraising target. These funds mean a lot to Polyglot – they will help us move to our brand new home at Abbotsford Convent and see our next 40 years shine brightly. From all of us – thank you!

Of course, it’s always a good time to give, and although our matched funding campaign is now complete, the end of the financial year is rapidly approaching. We’re still fundraising to support the big relocation and gifts of all sizes will make a difference to our future (and are tax deductible)! To give now, visit polyglottheatre.secure.force.com.

Celebrating 40 years of:

Extraordinary theatrical experiences for children and their families

Powerful and transformative community projects

Creative exploration and collaboration with children

Leadership in Australia’s Theatre for Young Audiences sector

Cultural diplomacy, creative exchange and international touring

For a company that began in 1978 with two people taking small shows to school halls, our 40th birthday is a big achievement. There’s a lot to celebrate, and we have bold plans for 2018. This is the year that will shape Polyglot’s future.

We’re moving into a new home

Our South Yarra home is bursting at the seams! 27A Cromwell Road has witnessed so much extraordinary creativity and collaboration over our 38 years here. However, the time has come to stretch our wings, so we are packing up and shipping across town to Abbotsford Convent! Just four kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD and spread over 16 acres, the Abbotsford Convent – with its 11 historic buildings and gardens – is Australia’s largest multi-arts precinct. It is home to over 100 studios, two galleries, cafes, a radio station, a school, and an abundance of green open space. Each year the Convent welcomes a diverse range of art projects, rehearsals, workshops, exhibitions, markets, events and festivals.

Polyglot is taking up a purpose-designed tenancy in the beautifully restored Sacred Heart building, surrounded by diverse, creative, inspiring friends. In addition, an exciting new partnership between Polyglot and Abbotsford Convent will see us performing, creating and testing new work with children and families as part of the Convent Kids program every year.

The partnership kicked off with a special, free presentation of Polyglot’s spectacular, world-renowned installation, Tangle, in the Sacred Heart Courtyard at the Convent on 13 – 14 April 2018. Check out some fun photos here!

We’re strengthening our focus on artistic leadership

We are investing in our people and sustainable growth by building Polyglot’s artistic leadership capacity through The Generator. This is a professional development program for our core artists in creative leadership and Polyglot’s unique approach to theatre-making, enabling us to create, collaborate and perform even more.

We’re standing up as a leader in our sector

We are strengthening Polyglot’s role as an advocate for the importance of the arts in children’s development and the value of theatre for children. Ensuring children’s voices are valued and heard is central to Polyglot vision, and always will be.

We’re doing what we do best

We are continuing to create trailblazing theatre experiences for children, their families, and communities in Australia and around the world.

Get involved:

  • Please consider investing in the next 40 years of Polyglot Theatre and celebrating our special milestone and relocation with a birthday gift. Gifts of all sizes are welcome, and donations over $250 are recognised through the Polyglot’s Circle donor program. All donations are tax deductible. To give now, visit polyglottheatre.secure.force.com.
  • Spread the word and inspire others to become Polyglot fans and supporters! Our birthday is an occasion to reach out to people who we know support our vision for creating trailblazing children’s theatre. Talk to people around you about our story, the powerful impact of Polyglot’s performances and programs, and our commitment to empower children socially, artistically and culturally. Encourage them to support us with a birthday present – $40 for 40 years! Ask your networks to mention your name on the donation form to so that we can recognise your magnificent fundraising efforts!
  • Share your stories, photos, videos from your experiences with Polyglot by contacting our Communications Coordinator Erica Heller-Wagner at communications@polyglot.org.au
  • Ensure that you are signed up to our e-newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn feeds to be the first to know about all of our birthday events. 

Thank you for your support in helping Polyglot reach this moment of celebration.

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Polyglot Theatre’s 40th Birthday Appeal is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1.


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We thank those who have generously supported our 40th Birthday Appeal:

The Betty Amsden Foundation
Skye Abraham
Monica and Sam Abrahams
Simon Abrahams
Arianna, Simon, Elsa and Saskia
Sarah Austin
Tirese Ballard
Mrs Margaret Bartel
Penelope Bartlau
Bill and Jen Barlow
Bron Batten
Simon Bedford
Nicole Beyer
Nancy Black
Nadia Bobaly
John Bowman
Collette Brennan
Neredah Burns and Kim Sweeny
Samantha Butterworth
Melanie Chan
John and Diana Chew
Chew-Burt Family
Michelle Chow and Michael Cameron
Graham Coffey
Laura Colby
Rodney Conn
Debbie Dadon AM
Catherine Davies
Fiona De Garis
Vedran Drakulic OAM
Anne Dunn
Kim Durban
Rev Fr Michael Elligate
Indigo Emerson (6 years old) and her Mum
Dylan Engelman
Mandy Field
Belinda and John Fogarty
John Ford
Juliet Fox
Kathy Fox
Val Fox
Brianna Fyffe
Jenny and Loyd Fyffe
Katherine Fyffe and Cameron Goodall
Katrina Gaskell
Ruth Giles
John Gutteridge
Tom Gutteridge & Dr Angela Campbell
Fiona Gruber and Mark Williams
Arash Haile
Emer Harrington
Mrs. Sam Hawker
Erica Heller-Wagner and Dave McCarthy
Graham Henstock
Linda Herd
Brett Hicks
Damien Hodgkinson
Grant Holman
Jessica Horey
Rudi Howells
Ashlee Hughes
Sarah Hunt
Greg Ireton, Kate Taylor, and Clementine Ireton
Mark Jennings
Oscar Kalff-Long
Rita Khayat
Kids Thrive
Grazyna Tamara Krezlewska
Sarah Kriegler
Dan Koop
Ben Laden
Carmen Lau
Fiona MacDonald
Lachlan MacLeod
Lesley MacLeod
Sarah Mayor Cox
Lesley McCarthy
James McCaughey
Bec McGuinness
Heath McIvor
Clare McKenzie
Kathleen McMahon and Rob Nerlich
Lucy McNamara
Avril McQueen
Phillip Millar
Kylie Morrigan
Jodee Mundy
Dr. Anne Myers
Fairlie Nassau
Dave Nelson
Nami Nelson and Bruce and Charlie Alexander
Timothy Nelson
Dr. Gail Nichols
Naomi Nicholson
Julie Obst
Lou Oppenheim
Angela Pamic
Emma Patterson
Ian Pidd and Susan Giles
Rose Pidd
Julian Pocock
Juanita Pope
Eda Ritchie AM
Megan Roberts
Stefanie Robinson
Barbara and Mark Rosman
Viv Rosman
Yael Rosman
Simone Ruggiero
Anna Schoo
Mitch Secrett
Cat Sewell
Greg Shalit and Miriam Faine
Antoinette Sharp
Jen Shaw
Sandy Shaw
Lucy Shepherd
Tim and Lynne Sherwood
Judith Smith
Gail Southwell
Alexandra Souvlis
Jim Stenson
Sarah Strachan
Sonya Suares
Rainbow Sweeny
Maggie Tekell
Naomi Tippett AM
Emily Tomlins
James Turnbull and Ruth Brown
Kel Twite
Dr. Megan Upton
Merissa van Setten
Molly Wagner
Dr. Fiona Wahr and family
Gabby Walters
Steve Watson and Partners
Arran Whitehouse
Jacob Williams
Peter Wilson
Lexie Wood
Hugo Wright
John and Coral Wright
Julie Wright and Phil Jackson
Nick Yan
Daisy Zhu
Anonymous (4)