Feast is a meal like no other inviting children to make culinary delights from the ingredients around them.

A long table is set with white cloth, paper plates, and a centre piece of paper flowers. The ingredients are mise en place. Children enter and feast their imaginations on the dishes of their dreams – an exquisite delight for a top restaurant, or hungry punter. Gradually the table starts to fill with plates of food – stringy string pasta, tomato cellophane sauce, a spray of green fabric basil. Waiters impeccably dressed in black and white hover to encourage and assist, writing up the menu for customers.

This installation lets children play with simple materials to make truly delicious creations.

2014-IMAGE-Forest-Feast-Body-Copy-640x959-(4)2014-IMAGE-Forest-Feast-Body-Copy-640x959-(1) 2014-IMAGE-Forest-Feast-Body-Copy-640x959-(2) 2014-IMAGE-Forest-Feast-Body-Copy-640x959-(3)