Creative Evaluation

Since 2009 Polyglot has undergone research and evaluation around the work that we do.

Since 2009 Polyglot has commissioned outside evaluation from academics Victoria Stead, Dr James Oliver and Dr Ricci Jane Adams, resulting in 13 reports encompassing school residencies, community projects, theatre performances, workshops and one overview evaluation for an entire year of the company’s activities. The findings in these have led to significant internal change.

Through the evaluative journey around our work, its impact and its efficacy, it has become clear that Polyglot’s approach to embedded creative evaluation is inventive and unique. This is a pioneering direction to which Polyglot is committing resources and time, to ensure its success.

The evaluations below are a selection from a diverse range of significant projects. Since 2009 we have commissioned 11 evaluations and research projects. Please ask us if you want to find out more and see more.


Outer Bounds (2016)

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PDF (696kb)

Outside In and Jump (2015)

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PDF (525kb)

In My Skin (2014)

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PDF (380kb)

Separation Street (2014)

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PDF (1.1mb)

Tangle Mobile (2014)

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PDF (670kb)

Tangle Motion (2013)

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PDF (1.2mb)

Knock, Knock! Who’s There? (2012)

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PDF (660kb)

Muckheap in Auslan (2012)

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PDF (522kb)

How High The Sky (2011)

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PDF (756kb)

Our Place (2010)

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PDF (522kb)

Polyglot @ Furlong Park (2010)

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