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Welcome to the Polyglot Blog!

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Hello and welcome to the new Polyglot Blog!

Here at Polyglot Theatre, we think kids are incredible creative people with lots of ideas to share. Did you know we make all our productions with the help of kids just like you? That’s why we’ve decided to create a new blog just for kids!

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Behind the Scenes at 5678

Each Wednesday afternoon the Polyglot artists Jason, Kate, Lis and Sophie meet with an awesome group of kids from Collingwood to work on making their own short films. Have you seen the films they made last year? You can watch them here and here! The kids write the scripts, act, film and edit everything themselves. How great is that?

We took some behind-the-scenes photos a couple of weeks ago at the first filming session for The Plot.

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2016-IMAGE-5678-StJos-Emma-Patterson (13)

My First Time at… Acting!

2016-IMAGE-5678-StJos-Emma-Patterson-July (18)

Ever wondered what it’s like to act in a film? We asked Jamila about her experience acting in Polyglot’s 5678 film club program!

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Paper Feast!

2015-IMAGE-Forest-Feast-Regional-Living-Victoria-Expo-Sarah-Walker (95) LR

Have you ever wondered what pasta might taste like if it were made out of paper? Or how paper cheese might melt in a toasted sandwich?

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