Tangle is a giant weaving event that uses coloured elastic to create a vibrant, live interactive artwork made by children and their families.

A giant elastic ball is given to each participant to weave around golden poles. Before long, the children create a dense, multi-coloured landscape to play, explore and bounce in. Featuring live music, Tangle is an event where children take the lead, building and contributing to an amazing and enchanting public artwork that everyone can enjoy.

2014-IMAGE-Tangle-Body-Copy-640x426 (6)2012-Lo-Res-IMAGE-Tangle-Sydney-Festival-Wendy-Kimpton (6) 2015-IMAGE-Tangle-Pittsburgh-Bree-Anna-Obst 2014-IMAGE-Tangle-Body-Copy-640x426 (4) 2014-IMAGE-Tangle-Body-Copy-640x426 (5)