Paper Planet Workshop

This workshop is based on Polyglot’s popular Paper Planet play space.

Paper Planet is a highly interactive workshop that facilitates free play, paper sculpture making and manipulation. It is an imaginative play space driven by the students where scenes evolve and performance can happen unexpectedly. It builds an environment in the school that illustrates how complex and intricate the creativity of students of all ages can be using simple materials.

Artists welcome students into a world of paper encouraging practical explorations of character, narrative, set design as well as the cross curricular priority of sustainability – of arts practice, sourcing and construction, interconnectivity of species and ecosystems, and new worlds.

2014-IMAGE-Paper-Planet-WORKSHOP-Body-Copy-640x425 (1)

2014-IMAGE-Paper-Planet-WORKSHOP-Body-Copy-640x425 (3)

2014-IMAGE-Paper-Planet-WORKSHOP-Body-Copy-640x961 (4)

2014-IMAGE-Paper-Planet-WORKSHOP-Body-Copy-640x961 (5)

2014-IMAGE-Paper-Planet-WORKSHOP-Body-Copy-640x961 (6)