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Used as an online wallet or downloaded as an app, Chronicle Accelerate (XCL) reduces the risk attached to the volatility of digital currency and opens the door to the future of finance.

Chronicle Accelerate is designed for high performance distributed applications (DApps) using blockchain to monetize online services distributed across business where the use of cryptographic hashes and signatures reduce the level of trust required between organisations. This open source framework supports new applications which require high scalability, into many millions of transactions per second, derive revenue by providing an online service and shorter time to market by developing in Java, which has over 10 million developers worldwide. Our platform will leverage AI to control volatility and liquidity, require low energy and simplify compliance with integrated KYC and AML support.

Our proof of receipt model supports linear scalability of servers, as well as passing transactions via any existing protocol such as HTTPS or websockets. The platform can act as an off chain accelerator for any other currency such as ETH, BTC or USD.

Chronicle Accelerate is designed to have purpose based sharding as it offers:

  • Localising transactions within a region.
  • Private chains for greater security.
  • Off chains with novel and new transaction types.
  • Chains designed for lower latency or wider decentralisation.

Our Core Principles


The Accelerate protocol describes a governance structure, however, definitive rules will be determined by stakeholders. These decisions are to be determined weekly and can be adjusted in increments to avoid drastic changes. These decisions are to be determined weekly and can be adjusted in increments to avoid drastic changes.


This is a multi tier platform design. High value, low volume transactions require the highest security, medium sized transaction happen in real time, and small transactions are designed for maximum scalability.

Energy Efficiency

With over 100,000/s transactions for a cluster of ten 500 W servers, Accelerate will aim to achieve a ratio of transactions per kWh that is over ten billion times more efficient.


Accelerate works inside regulated markets, has compliance officers and maintains capital reserves. There will be a controlled and transparent means to ensure there is always enough money in the system.

Our Technology

Our technology will manage millions of transactions per second. Latency is the amount of time a message takes to travel a system, and Accelerate will deliver a consistent sub-second latency. This will provide a banking class structure on a level with the most used existing platforms, such as Visa.

Proof of receipt

Proof of Receipt allows individual nodes in the Blockchain to sign for a transaction, provided it is within that node’s risk profile. It will issue receipts to prove a transaction occurred, and who authorised it. Proof of Receipt will reduce the power consumption of micro-transactions.

Power consumption

Accelerate can achieve over 100,000/s transactions for a cluster of ten 500 W servers. This translates to around 50 mWs or 14 billionths of a kWh per transaction. A ratio of over ten billion times more efficient than Bitcoin.

Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate will use a transparent and open-source AI to reduce volatility. It will allow a free market for small market movements and either buy back or sell off reserve assets to reduce larger weekly movements.


To find out more about Accelerate technology, download our white paper below »


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Our Platform

Choose between Accelerate Basic and Accelerate Pro based on your digital currency requirements.

XCL Basic


Make payments, international money transfers, buy and sell currency immediately – all in the safest and fastest solution available.


Making transnational business easier

Gain access to advanced trading tools, hold and trade crypto, fiat currency and metals. Manage your transnational transactions in the one place.

Our Team

We have a proven track record of building open source software, and high performance trading systems for investment banking and hedge funds.

Front end design

Back end development


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